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More Celebrities Without Makeup

Another round of photos!


Jessica Alba

Kate Upton

Jessica Simpson

Beyonce with and without makeup.


Sofia Vergara is jealous of Gisele and complains about her breasts

When I read this article this morning I almost spilled coffee all over my desk.


Apparently, Sofia Vergara is jealous of Gisele‘s slim figure, and says she would look like a “fat stripper” if she tried to wear Gisele’s clothes.  Sofia then complained about how tough it is having big breasts.

I will give Sofia Vergara credit where it’s due – she is a cancer survivor. If you’re someone who has ever suffered through illness or had some sort of serious health problem, you can empathize, and serious illness is not something I’d wish on anyone.

Beyond that, her attitude really irks me. I’ve already published pics on here of both Gisele and Sofia without makeup. Neither is horrible looking. However, when you know what these people really look like and then you hear them say things about how their looks (and breasts, in Sofia’s case) have opened doors for them, it is absurd.

One of these days I want to start some kind of petition that would ban Hollywood, lol.

This stuff bothers me because I have friends and relatives who look at these women and feel terrible. Compound that with the fact that their husbands and significant others have the nerve to compare them to the fakes and make them feel worse…and you have the Jnonymous blog!








A picture is worth a thousand words, and here are two of Sofia for you. The one on the left is her without makeup. If you look at the series of pictures, you can see how uncomfortable and embarrassed she looks about getting caught without makeup.

Please share these pictures with the women you know who beat themselves for not looking like the fakes!

How to look scrawny and unhealthy – from the neck down

Every now and then I get those emails from women’s magazines with helpful hints on how I can look like one of the various models we find gracing the covers of catalogs, billboards, and the tv screen.

The most recent one came from Glamour, and was titled, “How to look like a Victoria’s Secret model – from the neck up.”


I couldn’t help but feel kind of astonished at the latent arrogance of the article. I felt like the message was, “Mere mortal woman, the closest you could even THINK of getting to Victoria’s Secret hotness is to copy their makeup.”

I beg to differ. Behold a few pictures of what these models REALLY look like:

Perhaps the most famous of all, Gisele Bundchen.










Several Victoria’s Secret models BEFORE Photoshop and makeup.

Again, I am not trying to say these women are grotesque without Photoshop or makeup. But sometimes the arrogance that’s used to make women run to the gym and admire the fakeness of it all boggles my mind.

“Beauty is an opinion, not a fact…”

…according to actress Hayden Panettiere from Heroes.


Hard to imagine someone who looks as good as Ms. Panettiere saying something like that, and believing it!


In a recent interview with Women’s Health magazine, Panettiere discussed a truly embarrassing moment – at the age of 16, a tabloid published photos of her and wrote the word “Cellulite” above them.  Panettiere was so upset, she began a downward spiral into body dysmorphia, a disorder in which a person fixates on a flaw in their physical appearance.

I’ve read that a minimum of 50% of women will experience this in their lives. I guess the stat depends on how broadly you define this disorder.

I say Ms. Panettiere was just another casualty in the battle between women and unrealistic expectations created by the media.

Luckily, this story has a happy ending – Panettiere discusses how she finally came to terms with her physical appearance, and perhaps the most important lesson of all – that nothing is more beautiful than a person who feels completely at ease in their own skin.

A few more photos of celebrities without makeup


Kim and Khloe Kardashian

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattison

Again with the celebrity couples!

I do not condone infidelity. It just isn’t worth it for so many reasons – I’m sure Kristen Stewart can confirm that….

Anyway, something has really been bothering me about the Stewart/Pattison scandal. Yes, Kristin had an affair with the Director of Snow White and the Huntsman. Yes, infidelity is wrong. However…..

The Director is a married man. With two kids. And his wife was on the set of the movie. But Kristin Stewart seems to be bearing the brunt of the blame for the relationship. Let’s keep in mind that she is 22, an he is 41. Both of them know better, but the director REALLY knew better.

Are people being harder on Kristen because she’s a woman, a younger woman who “tempted” an older man and got him to cheat on his wife? I’m inclined to think so. Kristin has really been dragged through the mud, while criticism of the director hasn’t been as intense, even though he’s the one who REALLY messed up, of the two.

Rihanna and Chris Brown

By now, I’m sure almost everyone has heard about Rihanna and Chris Brown‘s relationship, and how he assaulted her in 2009. Just a few weeks ago,at the VMAs, they were seen being quite friendly to each other. They also collaborated on the Birthday cake song, which came out earlier this year.

Recently, Rihanna was on Oprah, where she said that Chris Brown is the “love of her life.” Not surprisingly, rumors have been flying for a long time that they have continued to see each other.

On the one hand, what they do in their personal lives is their business. They are both over 18.

On the other hand, their personal lives are also very public. Rihanna has been criticized for the message she is sending to the world, and especially her fans, many of whom are young girls.

Out of curiosity, I went through a few articles on Rihanna and Chris Brown and read the comments, to get an idea of what people on social media and the blogosphere are saying about the whole thing.

I immediately noticed that few comments attacked (!) Chris Brown for assaulting her. Rihanna was criticized for being a poor role model and having bad judgement.

The lack of comments and criticism of Chris Brown in most comments disturbs me, and wreaks of “blame the victim” mentality. I don’t see how you can criticize her without criticizing him more. But maybe it’s just me…..