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Dental Hygenist in Iowa Fired for Being Too Attractive

Someone call the Taliban, they might be able to pick up some new recruits in Iowa!


There Goes My Paycheck!

There Goes My Paycheck!

This isn’t recent news but I wanted to share this story about a dentist who fired long-time employee Melissa Nelson because he was attracted to her, and was afraid they would begin an affair that would ruin his marriage.

I wasn’t surprised to hear that the dentist’s wife pushed him to fire Nelson – in little girl world, other women are the enemy, and men are put on a pedestal and protected from women who want to take advantage of them.

I guess we all better think twice before we put on our mascara and lipstick on our way to work, it could cost us our jobs! How f*cking ridiculous is this!


Clip from Malena, the Story of a Beautiful Woman

This is a very revealing clip from the movie Malena, about a beautiful Italian woman and the unwanted attention she attracts from everyone.

How would you feel if you were Malena?

Woman, Blessed Be Ye


Justice Has Been Served

Justice Has Been Served

Another update on the Steubenville rape case – the two defendants have been found GUILTY, and will have to serve at least one year in juvenile prison.

Some have been complaining about the light sentence, and I think their concerns have merit. That said, it would have been far worse if they walked away with no punishment.

I hope this case and verdict serve as a warning to those who think they can get away with anything because of their connections, and to communities that lack the moral courage to do the right thing. Most of all, I hope this will encourage more women to come forward and take action against men and institutions that don’t respect them. This is a wonderful step in the right direction.


A Raw Deal – The Work-Life Balance Revisited

A Raw Deal – The Work-Life Balance Revisited

Former Lehman Bros. CFO Erin Callan has some advice for young women who want to follow in her successful footsteps.

Carlin is in my all time top 5 comedians. I'm ...

Believe it or not, George Carlin made a lot of interesting points about men, women, and feminism in his comedy.


The former executive recently expressed her regrets on not having a family and children of her own. She is married and has three stepkids, but at 47, her chances of having children are not great, and in vitro hasn’t worked.

Her revelations have many wondering if feminists sold us a raw deal – what comedian George Carlin once called “pointless careerism.” Women have matched men in the workplace, but is this a good thing?

Yes. I think it is.

The key is choice – the ability to CHOOSE a lifestyle, rather than have your destiny imposed upon you by society, which has happened to women for thousands of years. Callan has regrets, but she also had the free will to choose how to live her life. And she continues to do so, since she decided to step down as CFO, and is financially able to live her own life, with or without a spouse. That ability to choose is so important, and we can’t forget it. Sure, pointless careerism may not be the best choice – but we should hardly complain about being able to decide for ourselves.



Human Dignity or Overvalued Institutions?

Human Dignity or Overvalued Institutions

The trial in the Steubenville, Ohio rape case began today. Not only has the case divided the country, it’s wreaked havoc on the town’s residents.

Steubenville, Ohio

Steubenville, Ohio (Photo credit: Dougtone)

In a small town, who you side with can have consequences. If you take a side that isn’t popular with local law enforcement, you might be targeted. Side against your boss’ wife, and you lose your job next week.

What seems to shock many is the fact that some witnesses and possible collaborators will never be tried, probably due to their connections to prominent families in the town. Not to mention the influence the high school football team has on small town politics.  In fact, many believe that if hacktivist group Anonymous (also the inspiration for this blog’s name!) hadn’t released videos of a former student making inappropriate comments about the girl who was assaulted, law enforcement may never have moved forward with the case.

I’m very interested in the outcome of this case. I hope human dignity isn’t pushed aside to preserve the “value” of institutions that serve only a select few. Recent incidents, such as the abuse at Penn State, show that people are not as willing to support the elite when they do wrong.


Are Their Struggles Ours Too?

Are Their Struggles Ours Too?

This is a very interesting piece on Jada Pinkett Smith‘s efforts to raise sons in an environment that is “hostile” to men.

English: Jada Pinkett Smith photographed for V...

Jada Pinkett Smith

I know this blog’s focus is the way women are (mis)represented in the media. But I don’t think we can talk about women without also talking about men.

I think Jada makes valid points about the burden stereotypical expectations of men create. The provider whose only value is the paycheck he brings home is definitely an issue. I have seen plenty of female friends turn their noses up at a decent guy, and go for a guy who isn’t as nice because he made more money. And each time, that guy treated them like GARBAGE because he knew they were there just for the money. This perpetuates so many negative stereotypes about both genders, I don’t think it needs further explanation.

Another valid point is the fact that men aren’t expected to explore their feelings or express emotion. I think the consequences of this can be seen in the fact that men are almost always the culprits in violent mass shootings and rapes. We all know how bad it feels to carry negative emotions inside for awhile. But women are definitely allowed more outlets for expressing their feelings, while men are expected to bottle it all up. The issue here is for society to begin accepting that it’s ok for men to express themselves without being seen as effeminate or weak.

As our societies continue to rethink and reshape the roles we all play, we should definitely focus on the gender roles that have been passed down to us over thousands of years. Do they work? Are they still relevant?

One thing we need to be wary of as women, though, is men co-opting the advances we make for ourselves. I have seen women get stuck in a pattern of working a 9-5 job, then coming home to a husband who doesn’t help around the house. She is not only working a 9-5, now she is cooking and cleaning everything, too. This is not an ideal that either gender should strive for.