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Stats on How Reality TV Affects Girls

When I saw this article I had to jump on it – after all, this blog is all about the way women are represented (and mostly misrepresented) in the media.

Apparently, the Girl Scouts Research Institute did some research on how watching reality tv affects young girls. The results aren’t surprising, but that shouldn’t make them less disturbing.


1,141 girls between the ages of 11 and 17 participated in the survey. 37% of the girls who watched reality tv regularly said that it’s ok to lie to get what you want, while 24% of the non-reality tv watchers agreed with that statement.

Similarly, more reality tv watchers agreed that you have to be mean to others to get what you want.

72 % of the reality tv viewers said they spent more time on their appearance, compared to 42% of the girls who didn’t watch the shows.

One of the biggest concerns mentioned in the research is the fact that kids and teens don’t have the maturity to understand what’s going on in the shows, and don’t realize that these shows are scripted, and aren’t a true reflection of reality at all.

People involved in the research expressed concerns that as more young girls start watching these shows, we’ll end up creating a nation of “mean girls,” who will grow up into selfish, obnoxious women. The show America’s Next Top Model and Tyra Banks were mentioned several times as being particularly bad examples for girls to follow.

Cover of "Mean Girls (Special Collector's...

I agree that a lot of these shows really don’t have a lot of value, and convince people that acting like a douchebag is ok. It’s also important to remember that these shows wouldn’t be on if people weren’t watching them. It’s all a question of supply and demand – people are watching these shows, so more and more of them will keep being made until people want something else. If we want things to change, we have to demand it. Otherwise, we can expect to see more shows that aren’t good for kids, or adults either.

Why Women Still Can’t Have It All – The Atlantic

Why Women Still Can’t Have It All – The Atlantic.

An interesting article on work/life balance – can we be super moms and super women at work all at once?

Italian Women Protest Femicide

Domestic violence isn’t an issue that primarily affects developing nations. An article in NPR shows that even in Europe, women face high levels of abuse and even murder from their significant others.


Since the beginning of the year, 105 women have been murdered by their significant others. The victims aren’t just women from poor families – Italian law enforcement officials say the abuse crosses socioeconomic lines.

According to the UN, violence against women “is the most pervasive form of violence” in the country of Italy. Imagine that. Abuse of women is more common than any other kind of violence. Let that sink in. In fact, about 90 percent of the women never report the abuse. It makes you wonder how many more women are probably killed – it might be well over 105, since those are only the cases they have been able to verify.

ItaLingua "Holiday Celebration - December...

A filmmaker interviewed for the article believes that the high levels of abuse and murder are caused by the increased numbers of women demanding independence. Apparently, men cannot cope with the idea of having an equal relationship with a woman.

I have to wonder – what is it about women being free that drives these men to kill?

In TV Commercials, Women Lose

I’m sure you’ve all seen the commercial from Joe’s Crab Shack where two guys and a girl are sitting at a table before they start eating. The dialogue in the commercial goes something like this:

Guy 1: “Take your top off!”

Girl: “Huh?'”

Guy 2: “Take your top off!”

Girl: “What?

Guy 1 then removes the lid from the girl’s dish, shaking his head with a look of disdain at the silly blonde girl who didn’t get the joke.

Watch for yourself here:

I’ve seen this commercial more than once, and I bet you all have too.  It’s easy to miss what’s going on in a commercial if you’re passively watching TV, but when you take a closer look and analyze what’s going on, that’s when the message they’re sending becomes clear.

(Actually, even the act of watching TV passively is a way for messages and ideas to get absorbed into our minds through osmosis, which is what I like to call it.) This one is pretty obvious – silly blonde girl doesn’t get the joke, or the sexual innuendo behind it, until the men make the answer obvious to her.

Another one is or the game called Battle of the Sexes – with a name like that I guess we can’t expect the commercial to be very PC, but I won’t let that give them a free pass!   ; )

Battle of the Sexes is a board game where men and women challenge each other over their knowledge of topics that traditionally apply to one gender or the other. Questions that relate to cars, hairstyles, shoes, etc. are included.

The most common commercial I have seen for this game has been one where the men correctly answer a question about a women’s shoe style. There are actually several commercials on Youtube and the Battle of the Sexes website, many of which show the women answering questions about “guy stuff” correctly. I guess they weren’t as popular, because I haven’t seen them on TV…

Link here to the Battle of the Sexes website: http://www.battleofthesexes.com/#vdo

Interestingly enough, the game is made by a company called Spin Masters, even though the masters of spin in this case are the ones who didn’t show the commercials of women getting the right answers

If the mother dies, so does the baby

A month ago, Savita Halappanavar went to a hospital in Ireland, complaining of back pain. She was 17 weeks pregnant at the time.

The doctors informed her that she was having a miscarriage. However, the law in Ireland prevents doctors from performing an abortion if a fetal heartbeat can be detected.  Because of this strict law, the doctors refused to perform an abortion, even though Savita was in excruciating pain and her husband asked them to perform the abortion.  Three days later, Savita died of a blood infection caused by the prolonged miscarriage.

Protests demanding changes in the strict laws that led to Savita’s death have popped up in Ireland, as well as the Irish embassy in London.

Her husband, Praveen, said it best: “They knew they couldn’t help the baby. Why did they not look at the bigger life?” Apparently, the strict laws that prevented an abortion that may have saved Savita’s life are based on Catholic teachings, an explanation provided by the medical staff after she died.

Photo from the 2004 March for Women's Lives, t...

Photo from the 2004 March for Women’s Lives, taken by me (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Religion shouldn’t be the basis of forming medical policy, and here is a perfect case against it. Why should both a mother and her baby die, when both can be saved?

That doesn’t sound very religious to me.


Women vs…..women?!?!

Insomnia stinks, but it’s a great excuse to go on the net and look for all kinds of interesting articles related to women and our awesomeness….or in some cases, our complete lack thereof….

An article titled “Women at Work” discusses some of the problems women have with other women during the 9-5 hours.


Most of us, myself included, have had our share of problems dealing with our fellow females in the workplace.  Everything from dirty looks, gossip, to back stabbing and credit stealing are just some of the things many of us have had to deal with.  It’s a shame that women fought for the right to vote, and also to have control over their own lives, and wind up clawing at each other when they should be helping each other out.

The article brings up several common stories, including the older female executive who thwarts the success of younger female colleagues; the office cliques (which I call covens) that always seems to find one woman to target and harass; and the double standard applied to female managers and executives – nice means you’re incompetent, strict means you’re a b*tch.

I am normally all about supporting women, but I have to say as I spend more time in the workplace, the behavior I see from female colleagues often disgusts me. And I think it is the reason that women in the US, and around the world, almost always make less than our male coworkers. The gossipy and catty behavior make us look simple-minded, petty, and incapable of making a positive contribution to the workplace and the world.  Evil stares when a female coworker with a nice figure wears a new dress and heels; lying to the pretty intern with a nice new blowout to get her in trouble with her supervisor; “forgetting” to order necessary supplies so the tall, nice-looking assistant manager can’t get her work done; I have seen tons of examples of this, and I was happy to find this article, because it confirms what I and so many others, including men, have observed.  Hopefully, one day, women like this will knock it off, get back to work, and stop making the rest of us look bad.

Opinion: Why Don’t Republicans Understand Rape?

I keep wondering the same thing!

CBS Philly

The Buck Starts Here

Once again, a Republican politician has said something extreme about rape. Extreme and extremely stupid.

Last night it is was Indiana Republican Senate candidate Richard Mourdock. He told an audience at a debate that pregnancy resulting from rape is “something God intended.”

The Romney campaign released a paper statement claiming that Governor Romney does not share that view.

Romney, however, still supports Mourdock, even in the face of the candidates’ belief that God has intentions when it comes to rape and Mitt Romney’s ad for Mourdock’s Senate campaign will remain on the air.

If anyone was buying Moderate Mitt’s sudden transformation, this is the tell.

There is no such thing as Moderate Mitt. It is a show he is putting on to get votes. He is lying to America.

Once election day is over, the Tea Party owns Mitt Romney.

He will sign whatever they want, including massive tax cuts…

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