Home » Random » Dental Hygenist in Iowa Fired for Being Too Attractive

Dental Hygenist in Iowa Fired for Being Too Attractive

Someone call the Taliban, they might be able to pick up some new recruits in Iowa!


There Goes My Paycheck!

There Goes My Paycheck!

This isn’t recent news but I wanted to share this story about a dentist who fired long-time employee Melissa Nelson because he was attracted to her, and was afraid they would begin an affair that would ruin his marriage.

I wasn’t surprised to hear that the dentist’s wife pushed him to fire Nelson – in little girl world, other women are the enemy, and men are put on a pedestal and protected from women who want to take advantage of them.

I guess we all better think twice before we put on our mascara and lipstick on our way to work, it could cost us our jobs! How f*cking ridiculous is this!


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