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Blonde, Beautiful, and Smarter Than Einstein

Blonde, Beautiful, and Smarter Than Einstein

Lauren Marbe seems like the typical “Essex Girl:” ditzy, likes to tan, and always has her nails done. What sets her apart?

Her IQ is 161. Which means she’s smarter than Einstein.


Her own parents were shocked by the news. She’s a straight A student, but the results of her IQ test were higher than even her teachers had expected.

So why do we care?

Because she is pretty and blonde. If she were an average looking guy, or even a very good looking one, I bet this wouldn’t even be news.

A lot of comments I’ve seen on this story discuss why she isn’t more ambitious if she is so smart. A lot of media outlets make her out to be a made up party head.  My guess is that she isn’t interested in academic stuff because that’s just who she is, or no one ever encouraged her because they thought she was a blonde, manicured ditz.

I hate to say it, but I can sympathize with her. For personal and professional reasons, I have never posted a photo of myself on here because I would prefer to remain Jnonymous.  I am curvy (I am a 36 D, have almost no waist, and pretty wide hips), have long blonde hair, green eyes, and dress for my body type. What people don’t realize is that my IQ is between 145 – 150.

I know for a fact that people are very quick to judge a book by its cover. Both men and women can be very rude and condescending until I put them in their place (using my brain, of course). I remember once at a party, a man I didn’t know walked over and started to chit chat, but in a very condescending way. He asked me if I wanted to hear a joke “that someone on my intelligence level could understand.” I said sure. He says, “Knock knock,” and I replied, “Go away, we don’t answer the door for idiots.” His response? “From across the room, I didn’t think you’d be smart enough to answer back like that.” He left the party 5 minutes later.

Enough about me. Back to the story….

Lauren is 16, so she has plenty of time to decide what she wants to do with her life. Maybe she’ll model, or maybe she’ll be a famous Nobel Prize physicist one day. No matter what she chooses to do, she has the smarts to back it up. I hope she puts that mind to good use!






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