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Little World Community Organization

Salaam my friends. My name is Ahmad, and I live in a village in Northern Pakistan.


I have two older sisters and two younger sisters.  My older sisters are married, and my younger sisters and I live with our parents.  I studied at a government school, which was very cheap, but I had to drop out when I was in the 5th Standard because my father became quite ill, and I needed to work.  Without any skills, I could only do small things at a shop in the village.  Every month I would bring home 2000 rupees ($21) which was not enough for our family’s survival.  My mother went to work in people’s houses so we could have money for basic necessities.


I saw some of the women in our village going to the LWCO school, and I wondered if my sisters could attend.  My sisters told…

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  1. lwcodotorg says:

    Thank you for helping us share our story.

    – students and volunteers of LWCO

  2. jnonymous81 says:

    You are very welcome!

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