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When Will It Be Our Turn?

Argentina, Chile, Brazil, and South Korea all have something in common.

They’re democracies that have elected women to the presidency.

A lot of people are surprised to hear this, since Asian and Hispanic cultures have always been classified as “macho” or “hypermasculine.”


Dilma Rouseff, President of Brazil

This list shows how other nations have surpassed us in terms of the participation of women in the political sphere.  It’s actually kind of astonishing. And people here in the US don’t seem to know or think much about it – which isn’t surprising. I have believed for a long time that our mainstream media has a vested interest in keeping us scared by serving us up horrific news headlines and pacifying us with mind-numbing, IQ dropping programs like reality TV. The two work hand-in-hand – psychological research out there proves that when people are frightened and nervous, they become more conservative, and are less likely to think independently.


Is this where we’re heading?

But back on topic….Yesterday I published two posts on the way women have become sexualized at younger and younger ages, and I think the two issues go hand in hand. I think we can all agree that generally, the more sexualized a woman is, the less she is valued. Therefore, in this country, the more women are objectified and perceived as Sexual Service Stations (thanks mainstream media!), the less likely we are to have a woman president within the next decade. Or two. Or three.

Then again, I’m sure we all know about the Spanish language programs that seem to specialize in having scantily clad hard bodies dancing around on stage. Yet Latin America has still left us behind in terms of women’s participation in the political arena. I have done research on this and am still stumped. If you have read my About section, you know that I used to live in Guatemala, and also spent time in Mexico and El Salvador. I have seen firsthand that Hispanic culture does tend to place women in an inferior role.

In any case, I think we need to take a hard look at ourselves, our culture, and theirs, to see what they’re doing right, and where we are going wrong.


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