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We are NOT Service Stations, Thank You

We are NOT Service Stations, Thank You

Even though this incident took place in 2011, I’m surprised that we’re just hearing about it now.

A 13 year old girl in Britain fell 60 feet to her death after begging a boy to delete a recording of her performing oral sex on him.

Chevonea Kendall-Bryan had been sexually harassed by several boys at her school for months. According to the report, even her mother’s visits to school administrators didn’t stop the harassment.



The article goes on to say that the boy who recorded the episode forced Chevonea to perform oral sex on him after hearing she had done so with another guy. She didn’t know she was being recorded, and when she found out, she obviously went to great lengths to keep the boy from sending out the video – and paid with her life.

I found this article on Daily Mail after I read another one about the hypersexualization of girls, which is starting earlier and earlier. I believe most of what is discussed in that article. When I was 10 or so, we didn’t care about sex. We wanted to go to our friend’s house, go to Girl scouts, slumber parties, etc. None of us cared about this stuff.

I have definitely seen a change in the way younger girls dress and act. And I believe the media is at fault – and so is the public for not demanding a stop to this sooner. The psychologist who wrote the article states that he sees “12-year-olds who won’t go out without make-up and magazines aimed at 10 to14-year-olds that discuss oral sex.”

You’ll have plenty of chances to dress up like a sexy schoolgirl when you’re older. We promise.

Not surprising, when “53 per cent of girls under 13 reported that they had watched or seen porn. By the age of 16, that figure rises to 97 per cent.”

The author also reported that he was once confronted by female doctors who expressed concerns about teen girls asking for plastic surgery on their labias, so they resembled what they had seen on women in porn.

I think the writing is on the wall here. This is no longer simply an issue of “If you don’t like it, turn it off.” The messages are everywhere, and even if you get rid of TV, Internet, etc in your own home, not everyone has. It’ll get to you, sooner or later.


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