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Not Enough Women Is A Bad Thing

Not Enough Women Is A Bad Thing

What’s a Williston 10?

It isn’t a new beer. Or a race.

It’s what the new male residents of Williston, North Dakota call a woman who wouldn’t get a second glance anywhere else.

Apparently, the booming oil business has filled this area up with men looking for opportunities. However, there are more men than women, and the few women who live in the town aren’t happy about the situation. In fact, demographic data shows that men in this area outnumber women almost two to one.


Slate.com also talked about this article, and brought up a lot of interesting points about the urban/rural divide on this one. Apparently, some women think that going to an area where there are more single men than women means it will be easier for them to find a guy. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work that way. These circumstances, more often than not, lead to skyrocketing levels of sexism, objectification of women, and abuse. It seems like women tend to be better off in mid to large sized urban areas where career-minded women are the norm, not the exception.

A good example comes from one woman describing how she and a friend were offered $7,000 by a group of men at a bar to go back home with the guys and strip. Others describe being followed around at Walmart, and pretty much anywhere else they go. Police even report higher levels of domestic violence and sexual assault.

There is one group of people who have benfitted from this arrangement – prostitutes and strippers. The high numbers of lonely, sexually frustrated men mean big bucks for these female entertainers. I wish I could say that this is the silver lining for women in the article…but it really isn’t.


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