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Israelis Like Their Models A Little Thicker

Israelis Like Their Models A Little Thicker

Yesterday, after I published the post on Oxygen Network‘s show All My Babies‘ Mamas, I was ready to head to the Canadian embassy and consider my options.

Israeli model Bar RefaeliLooks like Israel might not be so bad! After all, I’m Jewish, and qualify for citizenship!

A new law went into effect Tuesday, which prohibits models with a BMI under 18.5 from appearing in ads.

Another provision of the law requires publications to disclose whether the images they’re publishing have been altered to make models look thinner.

Spain and Italy already have similar regulations in place. Models in Spain must have a BMI over 18, and in Italy, the magic number is 18.5.

From reading the article, it seems like these guidelines are intended to protect the health of models more than anything else. Hopefully, the impact will be wider, and eventually raise awareness of what a healthy female body really looks like.


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