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How Many Babies’ Mamas Does It Take To Get Your Own Show?

Not long after I published the post on the way Reality TV affects girls, I ran across another article on a new show that I had to read several times to believe.


The Oxygen Channel (which was founded by none other than Oprah Winfrey) has created a show called All My Babies‘ Mamas, about Atlanta rapper Shawty Lo. It features Lo, the TEN women he has kids with, and the ELEVEN children he has with these women.

No, I’m not kidding.

This is really a new low in so many ways. For TV, for American entertainment, relationships, but especially women and black people. They are the biggest losers in the development and creation of a show like this.
And if Oprah has anything to do with it (which wouldn’t shock me at all, since I have always felt that all of her shows and activities had the sole objective of making her rich) she can go to hell.

Yes. Oprah, if you, as a founder of the Oxygen Channel, allowed a show like this to be aired on this network, you can go to hell. And kiss my ass on the way down.

A petition on Change.org has already gathered thousands of signatures in an effort to stop production of the show ( I suggest that you all sign it!) Although the channel’s leadership is fully aware of the outcry the show has caused, they intend to move forward with creating the show.

I will never watch the Oxygen Channel again.



  1. I have “”” been over “”” Oprah Winfrey for a very long time now! She is no longer a factor in most homes now so she needs to do SOMETHING to keep her money flow …I mean her cash cow bank account flowing by any means possbile….

  2. jnonymous81 says:

    I will give her credit in the sense that she’s a female businesswoman, and is still one of the wealthiest women in the world I believe. However, exploiting others to make a buck, especially like this, really stinks

  3. all the things that you have given her credit for does not matter if she is exploiting her own gender for a buck. To me integrity is more important than money.

  4. jnonymous81 says:

    In the sense that she is from a very humble background that she rose up from, I think that is worth a certain amount of respect. The rest of it, no.

  5. She rose up and became brilliant…. but just like a great deal of us…..we change. Sometimes we tend to lose our way and in the midst of it, make wrong choices …and that is why we are able to talk about her show on Oxygen now..

  6. jnonymous81 says:

    It’s normal and healthy to change, but it seems like a lot of people get rich and famous and forget where they came from. This is definitely an extreme situation, since a show like this sells out her gender AND race. I am not African American, but if I were, I’d be enraged.

  7. Sue says:

    Oxygen Media was founded in part by talk show host Oprah Winfrey. It was purchased by NBC Universal in 1997. Oprah is only a co-owner of Oxygen with no majority vote on what appears on the network

  8. jnonymous81 says:

    Thanks for the info Sue. I checked around on the Internet and couldn’t pin down whether she is still involved in the channel. Where did you find this info?

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