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In TV Commercials, Women Lose

I’m sure you’ve all seen the commercial from Joe’s Crab Shack where two guys and a girl are sitting at a table before they start eating. The dialogue in the commercial goes something like this:

Guy 1: “Take your top off!”

Girl: “Huh?'”

Guy 2: “Take your top off!”

Girl: “What?

Guy 1 then removes the lid from the girl’s dish, shaking his head with a look of disdain at the silly blonde girl who didn’t get the joke.

Watch for yourself here:

I’ve seen this commercial more than once, and I bet you all have too.  It’s easy to miss what’s going on in a commercial if you’re passively watching TV, but when you take a closer look and analyze what’s going on, that’s when the message they’re sending becomes clear.

(Actually, even the act of watching TV passively is a way for messages and ideas to get absorbed into our minds through osmosis, which is what I like to call it.) This one is pretty obvious – silly blonde girl doesn’t get the joke, or the sexual innuendo behind it, until the men make the answer obvious to her.

Another one is or the game called Battle of the Sexes – with a name like that I guess we can’t expect the commercial to be very PC, but I won’t let that give them a free pass!   ; )

Battle of the Sexes is a board game where men and women challenge each other over their knowledge of topics that traditionally apply to one gender or the other. Questions that relate to cars, hairstyles, shoes, etc. are included.

The most common commercial I have seen for this game has been one where the men correctly answer a question about a women’s shoe style. There are actually several commercials on Youtube and the Battle of the Sexes website, many of which show the women answering questions about “guy stuff” correctly. I guess they weren’t as popular, because I haven’t seen them on TV…

Link here to the Battle of the Sexes website: http://www.battleofthesexes.com/#vdo

Interestingly enough, the game is made by a company called Spin Masters, even though the masters of spin in this case are the ones who didn’t show the commercials of women getting the right answers


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