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Don’t Hate Us Because We’re Beautiful!

Is physical beauty as much of a blessing as we think it is? Tons of studies are out there about how good-looking men and women make more money then their average looking counterparts, and let’s not forget the advantages of being attractive in the dating scene.

However, it seems like beauty has its ugly side. A few months ago, Samantha Brick, a journalist for the UK’s Daily Mail, wrote an article describing the jealousy she constantly faces from other women who envy her looks.

Here’s a picture of her:


I wouldn’t say that she’s a 10, but she’s far from ugly.

The public’s response to Brick’s article has been pretty scathing, with most saying that she is not good looking enough to be intimidating.

I did some research on this subject, and despite what people might think of her physical appearance, I think Brick is onto something when she says women can be pretty nasty to women who they perceive as more attractive than they are.

A study in Israel showed that when attractive women sent resumes to companies and attached their pictures, they were less likely to get call backs than average looking women. The reason? According to the study, 93% of the human resources staff are women, and they ditched the resumes of better looking women because they were jealous of them.

I don’t want to believe this is true, but I can’t say that I’m surprised by the results of the study. I have definitely noticed that women can definitely treat better looking women badly. There is a very good looking woman in my office. She is blonde, voluptuous, has a great personality, and is a very hard worker, very competent. However, almost none of the women will talk to her, and only speak to her if they absolutely have to. I haven’t asked her directly about what she thinks of it, but I get the sense that she notices the behavior, but ignores it and just focuses on getting her work done. I guess there isn’t much else she can do.

I went to several different sites, including this one: http://ms-jd.org/when-other-women-hate-you-because-you039re-beautiful

There are a large number of stories on there about the way women treat their attractive female coworkers, and it isn’t pretty. Most of the women complain of feeling lonely, that no one, male or female, ever pursues a sincere relationship with them. This seems to run counter to what studies say, that attractive people are judged as having more positive qualities.

So is there a downside to being beautiful, or is it all in their heads?


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