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Inaction Equals Dissatisfaction – VOTE!!

Unless you live under a rock (or don’t own a TV so you can’t see all of the dirty campaigning), you know that this Tuesday is Election Day.

Women standing in line to vote in Bangladesh.

Women standing in line to vote in Bangladesh. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We won’t just be electing – or re-electing – a President. We’ll be electing representatives to Congress, and voting on important ballot measures.

I hope all of the women out there get out and vote! We still make approximately 75 cents to every dollar a man makes, and we have several candidates and politicians who do NOT understand the challenges we face. Representative Todd Akins’ comments about “legitimate rape” in the year 2012 just scare me. What’s even scarier is that people – women too! – voted for him!!!

Don’t vote for people who won’t advocate your best interests as a woman.  Get familiar with the issues and candidates, and make the right choice. Your vote matters, and who you vote for matters even more!


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