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Women vs…..women?!?!

Insomnia stinks, but it’s a great excuse to go on the net and look for all kinds of interesting articles related to women and our awesomeness….or in some cases, our complete lack thereof….

An article titled “Women at Work” discusses some of the problems women have with other women during the 9-5 hours.


Most of us, myself included, have had our share of problems dealing with our fellow females in the workplace.  Everything from dirty looks, gossip, to back stabbing and credit stealing are just some of the things many of us have had to deal with.  It’s a shame that women fought for the right to vote, and also to have control over their own lives, and wind up clawing at each other when they should be helping each other out.

The article brings up several common stories, including the older female executive who thwarts the success of younger female colleagues; the office cliques (which I call covens) that always seems to find one woman to target and harass; and the double standard applied to female managers and executives – nice means you’re incompetent, strict means you’re a b*tch.

I am normally all about supporting women, but I have to say as I spend more time in the workplace, the behavior I see from female colleagues often disgusts me. And I think it is the reason that women in the US, and around the world, almost always make less than our male coworkers. The gossipy and catty behavior make us look simple-minded, petty, and incapable of making a positive contribution to the workplace and the world.  Evil stares when a female coworker with a nice figure wears a new dress and heels; lying to the pretty intern with a nice new blowout to get her in trouble with her supervisor; “forgetting” to order necessary supplies so the tall, nice-looking assistant manager can’t get her work done; I have seen tons of examples of this, and I was happy to find this article, because it confirms what I and so many others, including men, have observed.  Hopefully, one day, women like this will knock it off, get back to work, and stop making the rest of us look bad.



  1. ….To add, They are mad at the confident good looking man that respect his body enough not to sleep around but befriends the men that are sleeping around because they give them that attention they so desire. Why aren’t they upset with the less attentive man that stay to himself???? because women tend to get nasty when they don’t get what they want. I know the women you are talking about….will destroy a person’s character because they lack character. My solution is call them out, put them on display for the world to see….may be then their reflections will look ugly enough to change!!!!

  2. jnonymous81 says:

    Hey AB!

    I have to admit, what you described above is new to me, but it wouldn’t be surprising. I have a feeling that a lot of people would assume that the good looking guy is already sleeping around, and a woman would probably take his rejection personally.

    Most of us think that men are going to sleep with whatever semi-attractive woman is interested in them, and any exception is surprising to us.

  3. I know….that’s why men and women fight so much. Women want a good wholesome man but feel rejected when he rather know them than to accept their advances. I don’t help when your a man that can be considered inspirational because then you have a perceived negative agenda, which is to control women. The things I witness make me laugh. I love a confident woman that is comfortable in her skin and allows me to be comfortable in mine. I am a strong personality; that’s why i wait for women to talk to me because then i know she is not afraid to truly be in a relationship that will entail really getting to know one another. People need to stop assume and get answers….

  4. jnonymous81 says:

    This is a Craigslist entry written by a man on what he thinks of his female coworkers. It has some colorful language and a couple of semi-racist comments, but I do not believe in editing people’s thoughts, or the truth for that matter.


    Girl with the bright blonde weave who works in reception- I don�t know how you got your job, you are so uneducated it makes me sick. Did you graduate grammar school? I think I would respect you more if the answer to that is no. I want to throw a rock at your face every time I walk by when you are answering the phone and you say something like �who you callin� for?� or �he in a meetin� right now� or my personal favorite, �who this is?� I bet the people on the other end of the phone want to throw a rock at your face too. I also can�t stand when I get message notes from you that are written like so: Mr. Smith called hes wanting to kno wen he shuld ecspect the letter of aprovle. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? It amazes me that the only two things in your job description are answering phones and taking phone messages and you can�t do either of those things!

    Tall girl in design with the short brown hair- You have horrendous body odor! I�m not talking a little stench here and there I am talking everyday when you walk into the building people drop dead. I don�t know how you don�t notice it. I�m going to buy you deodorant for Christmas.

    Fat woman who works in suite 19- I don�t know exactly what you do for this company, but I know far too much about your personal life. When you talk to your boyfriend on company time, please refrain from telling him it felt so good when he slipped his hard dick into your fat ass! Yea I heard that, and so does everyone else that walks by your suite when you are on the phone. It�s disgusting, and we don�t want to hear about it, so keep your voice down.

    Blonde woman who works for accounting- I know that you are 30, not 25 and I also know that at the Christmas party last year you had sex with the bosses son in the broom closet and that he got you pregnant. Please don�t insult me in front of our coworkers again or I will tell everyone.

    Hot girl that works in sales- When you wear that brown skirt with the white flower on the bottom and you sit down, we can all see that you don�t wear panties.

    Boss� old receptionist- My name is not, John, Jason, Jack, Jim or Jared� it�s Evan.

    Middle age woman who works in reception- Your job is not that hard. You answer phones, put people on hold, and take messages. I don�t care that you were up late cleaning the house or that you sat up all night waiting for you delinquent son to get home, that does not give you a reason to get rude with a customer or walk around bitching about how your job is so stressful. Half of us come in still drunk from the night before, but we never yell at clients, bitch about our family members or say our jobs are soooo hard.

    Pregnant bitch- There is only one of you, so no need for further description but let it be known that you are not the first person to ever get knocked up! You are not the first person to get heart burn, you are not the first person to get morning sickness. You are not the first person to pee their pants because the baby put too much pressure on your bladder and you certainly are not the first person who has had strange cravings for cheese and anchovies. Stop complaining about it!

    Little intern girl- You are so cute with your stringy brown hair, acne and braces but your coffee skills are lacking. All I ever want is a large black coffee but you seem to thing that I would rather a low-fat latte, or a caramel machiato, or even a Chai Tea. Nope I don’t want those, I just want a damn black coffee! Also, you obviously don’t know your alphabet because my filing cabinet is a mess. F does not come after R, sweetie. Do you want to flunk the class you are doing this internship for? No? You better shape your ass up and get me the right coffee then!

    Pretty girl who is head of the writing department- You are the only girl who works in this office that I can stand. You greet me every morning with a bright smile and a cheery hello. And you are so damn smart. No wonder you are 22 and head of the department that could pretty much make or break our company. One time I asked you the Circumference of the earth and you kew it! Usually I would think that is weird and dork but from you, I find it really hot. I also like that you are the only girl in the company that hasn’t slept with someone that works with us. But for the record, if you slept with me, I wouldn’t respect you any less.

    Hispanic girl who works in design- You wear way too much makeup, I hate that you draw your eyebrows on, and I’m pretty sure you have an adams apple and are a man.

    35 year old secretary- You have a 20 year old son, and a 15 year old son… yet you dress like you are 16. I would be embarrassed to be your children. Oh and you look really stupid when you wear that plaid school-girl skirt with the white tights and hooker boots. This is an office… not a brothel.

  5. jnonymous81 says:

    I think this all goes back to stereotypes. People assume that all mens’ minds are on sex first; from a young age, many women hear this, and we are told to watch out for the guys who only have one thing on their mind.

    Sure, there are men who only want sex. They are relatively easy to weed out if you know how, and you don’t want a friends with benefits type of relationship. However, judging from a lot of guys I know, when it comes to having a romantic relationship, sex is part of the equation, not the formula.

    I think there are some women who tend to emphasize the physical because again, we’re taught early on that this is the way to get a guy. A decent, wholesome guy like you describe might not act on a woman who makes it about the physical because he wants more than that.

    At the end of the day, it all comes down to putting stereotypes aside.

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