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Opinion: Why Don’t Republicans Understand Rape?

I keep wondering the same thing!

CBS Philly

The Buck Starts Here

Once again, a Republican politician has said something extreme about rape. Extreme and extremely stupid.

Last night it is was Indiana Republican Senate candidate Richard Mourdock. He told an audience at a debate that pregnancy resulting from rape is “something God intended.”

The Romney campaign released a paper statement claiming that Governor Romney does not share that view.

Romney, however, still supports Mourdock, even in the face of the candidates’ belief that God has intentions when it comes to rape and Mitt Romney’s ad for Mourdock’s Senate campaign will remain on the air.

If anyone was buying Moderate Mitt’s sudden transformation, this is the tell.

There is no such thing as Moderate Mitt. It is a show he is putting on to get votes. He is lying to America.

Once election day is over, the Tea Party owns Mitt Romney.

He will sign whatever they want, including massive tax cuts…

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