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Sofia Vergara is jealous of Gisele and complains about her breasts

When I read this article this morning I almost spilled coffee all over my desk.


Apparently, Sofia Vergara is jealous of Gisele‘s slim figure, and says she would look like a “fat stripper” if she tried to wear Gisele’s clothes.  Sofia then complained about how tough it is having big breasts.

I will give Sofia Vergara credit where it’s due – she is a cancer survivor. If you’re someone who has ever suffered through illness or had some sort of serious health problem, you can empathize, and serious illness is not something I’d wish on anyone.

Beyond that, her attitude really irks me. I’ve already published pics on here of both Gisele and Sofia without makeup. Neither is horrible looking. However, when you know what these people really look like and then you hear them say things about how their looks (and breasts, in Sofia’s case) have opened doors for them, it is absurd.

One of these days I want to start some kind of petition that would ban Hollywood, lol.

This stuff bothers me because I have friends and relatives who look at these women and feel terrible. Compound that with the fact that their husbands and significant others have the nerve to compare them to the fakes and make them feel worse…and you have the Jnonymous blog!








A picture is worth a thousand words, and here are two of Sofia for you. The one on the left is her without makeup. If you look at the series of pictures, you can see how uncomfortable and embarrassed she looks about getting caught without makeup.

Please share these pictures with the women you know who beat themselves for not looking like the fakes!


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