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Republicans Are Abandoning Romney’s Sinking Ship

Looks like Romney is losing his frenemies in the GOP. OBAMA 2008 – 2016!

Let’s turn that 47% into 100%!

CBS Philly

The Buck Starts Here

In a bit of political satire in Politico, Paul Ryan is now calling Mitt Romney “The Stench”, as in stench of defeat, and Team Romney refers to Paul Ryan as “Gilligan”.  While it may be just humor, it has the air of hitting pretty close to the mark.  Ryan and Romney don’t look too comfortable with each other these days.

Where is the bromance we saw in August?

Apparently the bloom is off that rose.

There is an old saying on the trail that you can’t spell campaign without “pain” – while not literally true the pain of the campaign was broadcast across Paul Ryan’s wincing face when Mitt Romney had a moment of unguarded honesty in Ohio.

Romney said, accurately, that President Obama had not raised taxes in the last four years. That moment of candor undercut the Romney/Ryan tickets messaging big time.

Team Romney quickly issued (another) so-called-correction…

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