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The sum of our sexual parts

I think Live Science has unraveled a big mystery with this one…

Water dropplets in a female body.

Apparently, both men AND women objectify women. A study showed that when viewing photos of women, male and female participants evaluated the women in terms of individual body parts, primarily the areas around the chest, waist, and hips.  Men were viewed “globally,” as a whole individual, by both men and women.

Although the scientists think evolution might play a role, they cited the frequent use of women and female body parts to sell products as the most likely reason. The implications seemed a bit dark, with one of the scientists noting that we have begun to process ordinary women in our every day lives in this compartmentalized, dehumanized way.

This makes me think about the parents who have been outraged that children’s stores have started to sell sexy clothing for girls 8 and under, including thongs and push up tops for bathing suits. The push up top thing was what really got me, since these girls don’t exactly have anything to push up to start with! How is this going to affect these little kids?

I guess you’re never to young to objectify, or be objectified…..


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