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How to look scrawny and unhealthy – from the neck down

Every now and then I get those emails from women’s magazines with helpful hints on how I can look like one of the various models we find gracing the covers of catalogs, billboards, and the tv screen.

The most recent one came from Glamour, and was titled, “How to look like a Victoria’s Secret model – from the neck up.”


I couldn’t help but feel kind of astonished at the latent arrogance of the article. I felt like the message was, “Mere mortal woman, the closest you could even THINK of getting to Victoria’s Secret hotness is to copy their makeup.”

I beg to differ. Behold a few pictures of what these models REALLY look like:

Perhaps the most famous of all, Gisele Bundchen.










Several Victoria’s Secret models BEFORE Photoshop and makeup.

Again, I am not trying to say these women are grotesque without Photoshop or makeup. But sometimes the arrogance that’s used to make women run to the gym and admire the fakeness of it all boggles my mind.


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