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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattison

Again with the celebrity couples!

I do not condone infidelity. It just isn’t worth it for so many reasons – I’m sure Kristen Stewart can confirm that….

Anyway, something has really been bothering me about the Stewart/Pattison scandal. Yes, Kristin had an affair with the Director of Snow White and the Huntsman. Yes, infidelity is wrong. However…..

The Director is a married man. With two kids. And his wife was on the set of the movie. But Kristin Stewart seems to be bearing the brunt of the blame for the relationship. Let’s keep in mind that she is 22, an he is 41. Both of them know better, but the director REALLY knew better.

Are people being harder on Kristen because she’s a woman, a younger woman who “tempted” an older man and got him to cheat on his wife? I’m inclined to think so. Kristin has really been dragged through the mud, while criticism of the director hasn’t been as intense, even though he’s the one who REALLY messed up, of the two.


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